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Transformer Accessories

  • Prem Magnetics, Inc. is pleased to introduce a transformer-mounting bracket specifically designed to fit a standard 35mm DIN rail
  • The DIN-497 is a patent-pending bracket that incorporates 7 threaded #10-32 mounting holes for use with power transformers utilizing either a channel frame or "L" brackets
  • When using "L" brackets, and depending on which hole sequence is used, lamination stack heights ranging from 0.700" (17.78mm) to 2.50" (63.50mm) can be accommodated
  • Assembly to a 35mm DIN rail is simply a matter of first securing the transformer to the bracket face and then hooking the bracket over the top part of the rail and then securing the lower part to the rail with the included 3/32" hex-head set screw
  • The brackets are used in pairs
Product Name


Din-497 100% Tested
  • All dimensions shown as inches (mm). Dimensions are reference only
  • All holes are drilled and tapped to accommodate a #10-32 screw
  • Each bracket is supplied with a 3/32" hex head screw inserted
  • Material: Solid aluminum