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Design Services

  • Allow Prem Magnetics, Inc. to act as an extension of your Engineering Department in working with you to develop the optimum part to meet your project needs. Prem Magnetics views communication as key in the gathering and conveying of ideas in the course of your design, and will work with you from the prototype stage through initial production quantities.
  • At the finish of a project, you will have:
    • Complete specifications of your component design
    • Detailed construction list and/or drawings
    • Bill of materials including alternate materials
    • Engineering prototype – Test data included
    • Confidentiality assured – No disclosure of your information to any other company
    • Ongoing Support (one year max. – additional charges may apply)
  • To begin the process:
    • Simply email us at with an overview of your requirements. Be sure to list as much information as possible so that the optimum design can be considered (electrical, mechanical, operating conditions, safety agency issues, etc.) by our engineers.
    • We will contact you with initial feedback on our intent to quote. If the part is outside our capabilities, we will advise you of this at this time.
    • We will submit our understanding of your requirements back to you. After you confirm that Prem Magnetics understands your requirements, Prem will then work up a free quote for the cost of the design and supporting documentation sample
    • We will issue a quote to you via email.
  • Questions? Please call us at 815-385-2700 and ask for Prem Engineering or email us using the form below!

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